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Greenhouse integration

A quick setup guide to connecting your Greenhouse funnel to Evidenced.

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The Evidenced team can do this on your behalf. Please speak to your Account Manager to arrange this.

In this short guide, we’ll explain how to connect your Evidenced account to Greenhouse to synchronise your candidates, interviewers and scheduled interviews from Greenhouse into Evidenced to take advantage of the advanced interviewing tools whilst managing your candidate lifecycle in Greenhouse.

This article is broken down into 4 steps:

  1. Create a Greenhouse Harvest API key

  2. Add your Harvest API to Evidenced

  3. Generate a Web Hook API Key in Evidenced

  4. Configure Web Hooks in Greenhouse

1. Create a Greenhouse Harvest API key

Head over to the API Credential Management section of the Greenhouse Dev Center and generate a new API Key. This will be used to give Evidenced permissions to read and write data to and from Greenhouse.

Select Create New API Key from the top-right, select Harvest from the options and click Manage Permissions.

Make sure to make a backup of the API as this is the last time you’ll be able to access it.


Next, you'll need to configure the following permissions for the API Key. These permissions allow us to automatically configure your Greenhouse account, to synchronise all elements of the interview process and send data back to Greenhouse to avoid any manual steps in your process.

Once you've selected all the correct permissions, click Save.

2. Add your Harvest API to Evidenced

Once you’ve generated your Harvest API key, head on over to your Evidenced organisation settings and paste your API key and click save:

Once you’ve saved the API key, Evidenced will begin synchronising your users and candidates from Greenhouse.

3. Generate a Web Hook API Key in Evidenced

In order for Greenhouse to keep Evidenced up-to-date as candidates progress in Greenhouse, we need to allow your Greenhouse account to connect to Evidenced. We do this by creating a Web Hook secret key in Evidenced. Head back on over to your Evidenced organisation settings and click the Generate button:

After a few seconds you should see your key has been generated:

Click copy and now we’re ready to configure your Web Hooks in Greenhouse.

4. Configure Web Hooks in Greenhouse

The final step is to register the events in Greenhouse we’d like to send over to Evidenced. To do this, jump over to the Web Hooks section of your Greenhouse settings:

From here, you’ll need to configure a new Web Hook for each of the following events (listed under the When drop down menu:

  • Candidate has submitted application

  • Candidate or Prospect updated

  • Merged Candidate

  • Delete Candidate

  • Candidate has changed stage

  • Candidate has been hired

  • Candidate has been unhired

  • Candidate or Prospect rejected

  • Candidate or Prospect unrejected

When naming each Web Hook entry you configure, we recommend prefixing the name with Evidenced to help identify the destination of each at a glance. E.g. Evidenced: Candidate has submitted application.

Endpoint URL

You’ll find your organisation’s unique Web Hook URL from your Organisation Settings page in Evidenced:

Secret key

This is your Web Hook Secret Key (from step 3) on your Organisation Settings page in Evidenced.

Error recipient email

The address of the person in your organisation responsible for this integration. In the event of an error executing a Web Hook, Greenhouse will email this address.

That's it! From now, any changes you make to your interviewers and candidates in Greenhouse will automatically be applied in Evidenced.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to reach out to us in our in-app chat or email us at

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