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Candidate Satisfaction Scores
Candidate Satisfaction Scores

Understanding what candidates think of your interview process.

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Competition for talented people is more intense than ever and candidate experience is a hugely important factor in whether candidates will accept your offer over a competing one.

To help you monitor and improve your candidate experience over time you can take advantage of Evidenced's Candidate Satisfaction insights.

How does it work?

After every interview, we prompt candidates to anonymously submit a rating and submit written feedback on how satisfied they were with the experience provided by your interviewer(s):

This information is aggregated and made available to you in the Insights section of your Evidenced account:

What data can I see?

Currently you'll be able to see your average rating across all interviews conducted in either the past 6 or 12 months.

You can also see the average score for each individual interview template over the same time periods by selecting the template you're interested in from the left-panel navigation.

Why don't I see any data?

In order to make sure you get useful, unfiltered feedback from candidates, we record the data from them anonymously. To ensure anonymity we will only include their ratings once you've completed a sufficient number of interviews and received a sufficient number of ratings.

Under most normal circumstances you should see the score for your company within the first 5-10 interview you complete. You may need to wait slightly longer to see scores for individual interview templates as you'll need to complete a sufficient number of interviews of each type in order to reveal their scores.

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