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How to evaluate the candidate after an interview
How to evaluate the candidate after an interview

How to navigate, annotate and review your interviews more effectively for faster, more confident hiring decisions.

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A single 60 minute interview can yield hundreds of data points and observations that become evidence in support of an interviewers final decision.

To help navigate all this data, Evidenced provides interviewers with a timeline of events alongside speech visualisation and metrics for an at-a-glance view of the interview to enable faster and more confident decision-making.

After you've ended your interview, you're presented with a screen that shows:

  • A timeline of who was present and any bookmarks they've left

  • Your questions and any notes you've taken

  • A video of the interview (if the candidate consented)

  • A text transcription and events lists

Speech visualisation & metrics

Alongside each participant's name in the timeline you'll see what % of the time they spoke relative to the other participants. The candidate can be identified by the avatar next to their name:

This data is useful to understand if interviewers are engaging with candidates throughout the entire interview and to make sure speaking time is balanced correctly between the candidate and the interviewer(s).

Timeline & bookmarks

Once the interview is finished, you can navigate the interview recording by clicking anywhere on the timeline:

Bookmarks can be added and editing before submitting your final decision:

Once your decision is submitted bookmarks can be reviewed and the video recording replayed from that point in time simply by clicking them:

Event log

Both during and after your interview you can browse, search and filter all your interview events in the Events tab:

Event filters allow you to quickly identify key moments and replay parts of the conversation that are critical to your hiring decision:

With the Evidenced interview timeline and event log, reviewing interviews and getting a second opinion is easier than ever, allowing you to jump straight to the pivotal moments in interviews that may be the difference between rejecting and hiring great talent. Give it a go in app today!

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