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Evidenced interview recording guide for candidates
Evidenced interview recording guide for candidates

All the information you need to understand why Evidenced records interviews and how you can opt-out.

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What is Evidenced?

Evidenced is an interview intelligence platform that enables businesses to run consistent and fair interviews for all candidates. Evidenced guides interviewers through interviews and ensures they capture the evidence to make an accurate and bias-free hiring decision.

Why does Evidenced record interviews?

To ensure fairness and accountability, Evidenced records and transcribes interviews conducted on the platform. These recordings are visible to the interviewer(s) who conducted the interview and selected hiring managers at the interviewing company to provide oversight and ensure the process was conducted fairly.

Interview recording allows interviewers to keep their focus on candidates and spend less time taking notes and transcribing, meaning that candidates are given the interviewer’s full attention.

Your consent to recording

Before joining every interview on Evidenced, you have the option to opt-out of recording. When you opt-out, the interviewer will be informed that the interview is not being recorded so they may need to take additional notes to ensure they capture enough information to make an accurate hiring decision.

Choosing to have your interview recorded ensures that you are given the best possible interview experience and a fairer hiring decision.

How your data will be stored

Please see our Privacy Policy for a detailed explanation of how your data is stored safely and confidentially.

Your right to be forgotten

You have the right to be forgotten. When you request this, all personal data we hold on you will be permanently erased from Evidenced.

To request deletion of your data, please email

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