Scheduling Evidenced interviews from Greenhouse

Bring Evidenced interview intelligence directly to Greenhouse.

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If you haven't already:

The Evidenced Chrome Extension has been designed so that you can schedule interviews in Greenhouse just as you normally would.

It automatically includes a link to an Evidenced interview for your candidate and interviewers, in place of a standard video call link.

In this short guide, we’ll explain how to set up the Evidenced Chrome Extension and schedule Evidenced interviews from Greenhouse. If you've scheduled interviews in Greenhouse before, you'll find that you already know almost all of the steps!

1. Open the Greenhouse candidate page and click Schedule Interview

2. Sign in to Evidenced

Click the Sign in button within the Evidenced box to sign in using the Evidenced app, if you aren't already signed in. You'll only need to do this once.

3. Set up your interview

Choose your interview date, time, and interviewers as normal.

4. Select your Evidenced Interview Template from the dropdown

This is the type of interview you want the interviewers to run in Evidenced.

5. Click Schedule and Continue

Confirm that everything looks correct. Notice that the Location field has been pre-filled with a link to your Interview in Evidenced.

Before moving on, click the Copy button here to copy the Evidenced Interview link to your clipboard so that you can easily send it to the candidate in the next step.

6. Click Send Invites

See that the interview has been successfully scheduled in Greenhouse, including the Evidenced link.

Your interviewers will receive an email and calendar invite which include the Evidenced link, so they can join the interview at the right time in one click.

7. Send a confirmation to the candidate

To send a confirmation to the candidate, click Send Interview Confirmation if you already received the candidate's availability, or if not click Availability: Not Requested and choose Send Interview Confirmation from the dropdown.

Customise the body of the email and subject line as required.

Make sure Include calendar files is checked - this will include a calendar file which includes the link to join the interview on Evidenced.

If you copied the Evidenced Interview link to your clipboard in the previous step, you can now also add it into the body of the email to make sure the candidate sees it. To do this, click the 🔗 Insert/edit link button and Paste the Evidenced Interview link you copied into the URL field, then hit Save.

When you're ready, click Send Email to send it to the candidate.

8. See the interview in Evidenced

Open your scheduled interviews on Evidenced and see that your interview has been scheduled successfully - including the correct date, time, interviewers and interview template.

That's it! From now, any interviews you schedule in Greenhouse will be automatically created in Evidenced.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to reach out to us in our in-app chat or email us at

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