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Lever integration

Connect to Lever to sync your Team, Jobs, Candidates and Interview decisions with Evidenced.

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Enabling the integration

You need to be an Admin user within Evidenced to enable this integration.

1. Navigate to "Integrations" from the menu within Evidenced

2. Connect to Lever

3. Login with Lever credentials

4. Review requested access permissions. Click Accept to be redirected to Evidenced again.

5. That's it, you're now connected

Configuring the integration

Once your integration is connected, Evidenced will automatically add the required webhooks to your Lever account.

Important note: In order for Evidenced to begin receiving webhook calls from Lever you must turn on the following webhooks in your Lever account:

Using the integration

Lever β†’ Evidenced

Once connected the following information will sync from Lever to Evidenced:

  • Jobs

  • Active Candidates

  • Users

You can only make changes to these items from within Lever, they're read-only once sync'd to Evidenced.

Evidenced β†’ Lever

Once connected the following information will sync from Evidenced to Lever:

  • Interview decisions

Any changes to the interview decision within Lever will not sync back to Evidenced.

Disabling the integration

If you need to remove access for any reason, go to the integrations section and press "Disconnect" against the Lever integration option.

Important note: Evidenced will automatically remove any automatically created webhooks for you as part of the disconnection.

Please contact or your Evidenced Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting assistance regarding the integration.


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