Creating interview templates

Templates have questions and timing and are used to run interviews

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Navigate to Interview Templates and select "Create Interview Template"

The template page has the the following information:

  • Sections

  • Questions and interviewer instructions

  • Question library

By default, a new template has content already in it to get you started, you can reuse this content or edit and delete it.


Sections can be used when you want to break down a long interview into timed periods.

You can add as many questions or instructions as you like to a section.

Questions & Instructions

Within each section, you can add questions an instructions you want to ask. You can drag and drop to reorder items or remove the ones you don't need.

Question Library

There are two shared question libraries in the app:

  • Your company's questions

  • Evidenced's approved questions

Questions you add to a template automatically get added to your company question library.

Questions added from the Evidenced library include a lock icon. You can add these to your template but they can't be edited.

Once you've built and saved your template it's ready to be used when scheduling interviews


Here you can customise the Attributes you'd like interviewers to rate as part of this Interview Template.

You can add new Attributes by typing the name of the Attribute and hitting 'Add', or add existing Attributes by selecting it from the dropdown list. You can also remove Attributes.

Once you've added an Attribute once, this can be added to any Interview Template, and will also appear on the Scorecard Settings page.

If you don't add any Attributes to a Template, no Scorecard will appear for those interviews.

If you need importing your templates into Evidenced, contact our team on

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