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How to access Evidenced and run an interview

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Evidenced is the all-in-one interviewing experience with video calling, question templates, live timing and quick access bookmarks.

  • Post-interview reviews made easy with HD recordings, searchable transcript and events list.

  • Branded pre-call guidance so candidates can join the interview without technical issues.

  • See what your candidates really think with post interview surveys.

  • Deep dive into how your interviews and interviewers are performing.

Why is your team using Evidenced?

Hire faster without compromising on quality

Evidenced shows you which interviews aren’t working, who needs more training and speeds up your interview process.

Know what happened in every interview without being there.

Play back and analyse your interviews with your team so you can make better hiring decisions quickly.

Anyone can run a great interview with Evidenced.

Real-time guidance, recording and transcription makes running interviews easy for anyone in the team.

We hope you love using Evidenced as much as we do, but if you have any thoughts or feedback get in touch via the in-app chat or using

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