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Scheduling with ModernLoop
Scheduling with ModernLoop

Follow these steps to create interviews in Evidenced via ModernLoop

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Scheduling with ModernLoop requires you to have an active ModernLoop account.

Navigate to the Interview Templates page in Evidenced

  • For each template, you can copy an Evidenced link which can be used in ModernLoop for booking an interview of that type

  • Once you've found the template, select Get external self-schedule location

  • Click Copy to copy the link to your clipboard

Open ModernLoop and setup your interview as you usually would

Using the 'Custom Link' option, insert the correct link needed from the Evidenced webpage

Pressing "apply" will automatically fill it in on your template

Check the email templates to ensure the link is in the right place

If you don't see a link, check your template setup has the {{VIDEO_MEETING_LINK}} in the body of the email

Click "finish and send"

The interview will now be scheduled in Evidenced and appear in your interviews list.

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