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Managing interviews

Rules around how and when users can access interviews

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Scheduling interviews

  • Only Admin and Hiring Manager users can schedule interviews

  • Interviewers can't schedule interviews via Evidenced, but can schedule via a connected ATS if they have those permissions

Viewing interviews

  • Admin and Hiring Manager users can see all interviews by default.

  • Interviewer users can only see interviews they've been added to.

Running interviews

To run an interview, users need to be added to it as an Interviewer via the scheduler:

When scheduling via an ATS users are automatically added with Interviewer access so they can run the interview.

Completed interviews

Once an interview has been completed you can give users the following access:



View interview participants question notes, bookmarks and hiring reason and decision

Only once they've left their own decision

Can see all information right away




Question notes



Hiring reason



Hiring decision πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ž



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