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Features to get the most out of your interviews
Features to get the most out of your interviews

Take fewer notes and capture the moments that stand out during an interview

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Now that your interview has started you can focus on gathering your evidence.

These are the different ways you can capture information whilst interviewing:

  • Live transcription of interviewers and candidate

  • Question notes and feedback

  • Bookmarks

  • Scorecards

  • Decisions


Evidenced automatically transcribes interviewers and the candidate (as long as they've consented).

You can see the live transcription by selecting the Events tab during the interview.

In combination with the video recording, this allows you to take fewer notes during the interview as you can search the transcript at any time.

Question notes and feedback

As conduct the interview you'll be able to take notes on a candidate's answers

You'll also be able to score each answer with one of three choices:

  • πŸ‘: The candidate gave a good answer to this question

  • πŸ‘Ž : The candidate did not give a good answer to the question

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž: You're not sure whether the answer was good or not, you didn't get enough evidence to make a decision


You can create a bookmark at any time during an interview.

Pressing the bookmark buttons in the middle of the page will create a bookmark at that point in the interview and add it to the progress bar.

Editing Bookmarks

For extra context you can add notes (they automatically save). You can only edit your bookmarks before submitting your interview decision (just like the rest of your feedback).

Reviewing Bookmarks

After the interview has ended, you can review bookmarks and click to view the video at that time in the interview.

Deleting Bookmarks

If you change your mind, you can click on any bookmark on the bar and delete it.

Bookmarks are private to you during the interview and once you've submitted your decision the other participants (excluding the candidate) will be able to view them.


Scorecards allow you to rate a list of Attributes using a scale of 5 icons and colours - from a 🚩 red flag up to a ️⭐️ gold star.

During the interview, the Scorecard appears at the bottom of the questions list. Once the interview is complete, the Scorecard appears in the Decision panel so you can finish rating Attributes while you make your decision.

Once you've made your decision, it's locked and the results are sent to your ATS along with the rest of your decision and notes.


At the end of the interview, you'll be asked to submit your overall decision. You can choose from the following 4 options:

  • Strong No

  • No

  • Yes

  • Strong Yes

You can also add a Reason - a brief summary of why you've made your decision.

Once you submit your decision, you won't be able to change it, or any of the other notes or feedback you've entered. At this point your decision will be sent on to your ATS against the candidate's profile.

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