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How do I start and end an interview?
How do I start and end an interview?

Follow these steps to start and end an interview

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Overview of the interviewing screen

  • At the top you have the candidate and interview information and timing

  • Then a progress and section bar showing the running order of the interview

  • On the left you have the main area, where you'll see the questions you will be asking and be able to enter your feedback.

  • In the middle you have the bookmark actions

  • On the right you have a video chat and text chat with the candidate.

Joining the video call

To join an interview, select the Join Call on the video window.

You'll be able to see whether any other interviewers are call before you press the "Join call" button, so you can get ready before letting the candidate in and starting the interview.

Starting the interview

The interview can only start once the candidate has joined the call.

You'll see a notification banner next to the Start Interview button once the candidate is in the waiting room and ready to start the interview.

You can start the interview before the candidate arrives, for example if you need to run the interview without them being on the call, but we advise against it.

It's best to wait for the candidate to arrive, then start the interview when everyone is ready.

Press the Start Interview button when you're ready to begin.

The candidate will be let into the call and the interview timer will start.

This doesn't put any limits on your time with the candidate, it's just to help you (and anyone else interviewing) keep track of time - something that can be tricky when running an interview.

Once the time has been started, you'll see two new things:

  • You'll see how long you have left to complete the interview at the top right, and your estimated end time. These times are recommended by the creator of this interview.

  • You'll see a progress bar moving across the top of the screen. This along with each section represents how much time you should spend on it. By looking at where the bar is, you can quickly tell how well you are sticking to the recommended timings.

Now the interview is in progress, you can read more about the tools to help you run a great interview in this article.

Ending the interview

When you have finished your conversation with a candidate and want to bring the interview to a close, simply select End Interview in the top right corner.

This will end the call for all interviewers and the candidate and take you to your review screen to compile your hiring decision.

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