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Scheduling with Calendly and Greenhouse
Scheduling with Calendly and Greenhouse

Follow these steps to create interviews in Evidenced with Calendly

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Scheduling with Calendly requires you to have an active Calendly account, your Evidenced account to have the Greenhouse integration connected, and your Greenhouse account to have the Calendly integration connected. Contact your Evidenced account manager and they can help you with this.

These are the steps you'll need to take for each interview type you want to run in Evidenced - e.g. Data Scientist, Technical Interview.

Once the Calendly event is set up, you don't need to do it again for that interview type - you can use that event and Evidenced link for each new candidate you book in.

Navigate to the Interview Templates page in Evidenced

  • For each template, you can copy an Evidenced link which can be used in Calendly for booking an interview of that type

  • Once you've found the template, select Get external self-schedule location

  • Click Copy to copy the link to your clipboard

Open Calendly and set up your interview Event as you usually would

  • One-on-One events should be used for interviews with one interviewer

  • Collective events are also supported for interviews with multiple interviewers (e.g. panel interviews)

    • Note: Collective events are only available on some Calendly pricing tiers

Use the 'Custom' Location option, and paste the Evidenced link you copied earlier into the field

(You may also wish to add a note to the description informing the candidate that you'll be using Evidenced for this interview)

Open Greenhouse and navigate to the candidate

  • Select the interview stage you want and select Schedule with Calendly

  • Select the Calendly Event Type you've just created

When the candidate books in for an interview, the interview will be created in Greenhouse and Evidenced automatically and Calendly will send a calendar invite to the candidate and interviewer(s) with the location set to an Evidenced link.

Important notes:

  • The Evidenced interview template used for the scheduled interview will be the interview template the link was copied from at the beginning.

  • The date & time will be set to whenever the candidate booked in.

  • The interviewer(s) set on the Calendly event will be added to the interview in Greenhouse and Evidenced automatically.

At the time of the interview, both the candidate and interviewers will use the Evidenced link in the calendar invite in order to join the interview.

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